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Thread: Auto Topic Tagging

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    Default Auto Topic Tagging

    Posted threads are auto tagged, Info is added to the post depending on what is posted.

    Video/Movie Prefix tags [Multi] [Movshare] etc are auto added when a post is submitted.

    Streaming Movies.
    • Post using [IMDB] BBcode.
    • Post using [PLAY] BBcode.
    • Do not include anything else in the post.

    All other info will be added to the post for you, do not include any movie cover or posting will be blocked.

    Movie Downloads.
    • Post using [IMDB] BBcode (Or link).
    • Any other BBcode can be used.

    If you don't use [IMDB] bbcode (Or link) posting will be blocked.

    Tv Downloads.
    • Post using either [IMDB] BBcode or a Cover image [IMG] 1st image in post.
    • Any other BBcode can be used.

    Use [IMDB] or [IMG] BBcode or posting will be blocked.

    All other Downloads.
    • Post using [IMG] BBcode
    • Any other BBcode can be used.
    • If you don't include a image [IMG] posting will be blocked.

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    ccan you tell me how ? the example I mean
    still not understand yet

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    Nice thanks.

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