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Thread: What is your favorite video host

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    Default What is your favorite video host

    Below are some of the video hosting sites.

    Which one is your favorite?

    Why, that specific host became your favorite? Any reason/ reasons?

    Name your favorite video host/host if it is not in the list

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    Default My Favorites these days

    All streams there are always downloadable aswell, also i find openload has way better sound quality compared to others.

    With Video Download Helper addon for firefox u can get pretty small but still decent viewable mp4 files from streamcloud.
    Often theres alot of stuff still to find online on streamcloud but nowhere to download, so that can come in pretty handy.

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    I don't have any favourite video host but will love if it is entertaining.

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    I like those that I can download the files from.. but overall is the one that sticks out.

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    Default &

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    My I must thing.....

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    streamcloud is the best one.

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    Default because it allows you to store all kinds of files and apart from streaming allows you to download them

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