Unlock Your Voice - The Secrets to Singing (Level 1 - 4)
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You were born with a mighty voice. Draw it out, become a skilful user of it. Be the incredible singer youre born to be!

You can either sing or you cant.
This sounds familiar doesnt it? Who knows how many people have given up on singing because they feel that since they were not bestowed with great pipes to begin with, why even bother?

The truth is, you do have great pipes. We all do. Our voices were made to sing! Your voice is capable to do all that you have ever dared to dream of or imagine. And if you havent been able to wield it as you wish, its only because you dont know or may have forgotten how.

Unlock Your Voice is the perfect guide to help a singer tap into his/her natural ability to sing. It also unravels the secrets behind some of the amazing sounds that our favourite singers often make.

This is a course suitable for absolute beginners and advanced singers. For those who are new to singing and have a genuine passion for singing, this will be delightful way to discover their voices and get into the habit of healthy, powerful and impactful singing. For experienced singers, this course can help expand the flexibility, dexterity and diversity of their sound, help them have a better control of their voices and develop a distinct sound or style of singing. With or without prior Vocal Training, this course is suitable for singers who feel hey have hit a break wall in singing and would like to take their voices to a whole new level.

Get a good overview on how the voice works and how to build a strong foundation (physical & vocal warm-ups, posture & breath control) for your voice to work as an effective musical instrument. Thereafter, learn how to get best out of your God-given amplifiers and build a stronger breath support. From there, you can move on to learning how to access the REAL vocal range that you have by learning how to use all your Vocal Registers.

Because singing isnt just about having a wide vocal range, but being able to use all of that Vocal Range well, this course will then walk you through on what you can do to strengthen your Vocal Connection or Mix (have a connected sound throughout your vocal range) by engaging in the correct Vocal Gears while singing.

Janice Yaps Vocal Gears allows a singer to uncover his/her ability to sing in various styles and sound qualities - giving the singer more options to sing and sound however he/she wants and the ability to sing in various music genres. The gears will not only help singers achieve greater range with power (belt high notes or develop a stronger sounding chest voice or mix) but also in achieving all sorts of sounds; e.g. ethereal/light/smoky, heavy & robust, clear tones, edgy/metallic and piercingly loud, making it possible for singers to create their own distinct sound and style of singing.

The ability to control and change Vocal Gears is important to help a singer drive his/her voice well when singing. As such, a segment of this course is dedicated to train singers in mixing their Vocal Gears. This is so that singers will then have the ability to deliver a song with more emotion and dynamics in their voices, and ultimately have more freedom in making a song their own.

Because singing powerfully on very high and low notes are common vocal challenges, a segment of this course that is dedicated to strengthening a singers Head Voice & Chest Voice - this again can help expand a singers vocal range and increase his/her vocal options in singing. But thats not all, at the end of the course, there will be a comprehensive troubleshooting segment to address the common vocal challenges and concerns that singers have when working on improving their voices.

Students are encouraged to take this course at their own pace, and aim to accomplish what goals they need to accomplish for every lesson before moving to the next. Immediate results are usually evident in a singers voice when techniques taught are applied. However, the consistency in the delivery of these results in singing will vary from one student to another, depending on their own commitment to practise the techniques learnt over time.

Tests, notes, graphics & audio tracks are provided along side the videos in this course to facilitate your learning.

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