Genre: Animation \ Comedy Age Rating: MA15+ Rating: 8.1
 The Life & Times of Tim (2008)
IMDB User Ratings: 8.1 (5256 votes)
The Life & Times of Tim 2008 Cover
Director Steve Dildarian Music
Year 2008 Runtime
Country Producer Steve Dildarian
IMDb Ratings: 8.1 Languages
Genres Animation, Comedy CastSteve Dildarian, M.J. Otto, Nick Kroll, Matt Johnson, Peter Giles, Julianne Grossman
Watch as Tim finds himself in several awkward situations in this HBO cartoon comedy.
The Life and Times of Tim COMPLETE S 1-2-3

"The Life & Times of Tim" is an animated show about a young guy named Tim who just can't seem to catch a break in life. He's a normal guy who always tries to do the right thing, but for some reason the world conspires against him.