Genre: Comedy Quality: DVD Rip Rating: 7.6
 No Heroics (2008)
IMDB User Ratings: 7.6 (595 votes)
No Heroics 2008 Cover
Director Ben Gregor Music
Year 2008 Runtime
Country Producer Ben Gregor
IMDb Ratings: 7.6 Languages
Genres Comedy CastPatrick Baladi, Nicholas Burns, Claire Keelan, James Lance, Rebekah Staton, Steve Speirs
London. An ordinary city, with one small difference: superheroes - commonly called 'capes' - exist. But apart from their powers, they're ordinary people, with the same problems the rest of us have. They spend much of their downtime in the basement bar The Fortress ('superheroes only: no masks, no powers, no heroics') but when not there or on duty they garden, go shopping, and do the laundry just like everyone else. No Heroics focuses on four friends and the trials and tribulations of their lives, but these superheroes are at best B-listers, and constantly insulted and bullied by the arrogant Devlin - Excelsor, the most successful cape of his generation.
No Heroics S01 DVDRip XviD-HAGGiS

These B-list superheros would rather hang out at the local superhero bar, The Fortress, and complain about their lack of notoriety than get off their duffs and save the world.